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Creators of the Complete Bite Block

Perioperative bite block and endotracheal tube (ETT) stabilizer

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Which would you choose to protect your life?

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Our Breakthrough Solution: 

The Remnova Complete Bite Block

Perioperative bite block and endotracheal tube (ETT) stabilizer

The Complete Bite Block is physician designed and expertly engineered to protect patients’ teeth, mouths, and lives. The Complete Bite Block can help:

  1. Improve Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction by Reducing Complications including: dental damage, oral lacerations and pressure ulcers, hypoxia, negative pressure pulmonary edema, laryngospasm, anoxic brain injury, and death. The device also helps prevent swallowing bite blocks, which leads to endoscopies.

  2. Reduce Costs: the failure of current bite blocks inflicts immense costs through increased care time spent in OR (at ~$37 per minute), PACU, and ICU. Poor bite protection also adds costs from additional pharmaceuticals, imaging, labor, and time to mediate the damage. 

  3. Reduce Infections (such as COVID) and Streamline Operations: Complete Bite Blocks are individually packaged, clean, and ready for use. No need to hand-roll insufficient gauze "bite blocks" in between procedures. Spend time and attention where needed, while minimizing exposure.

Made in USA

FDA Registered

Patent Pending

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Safe. Clean. Effective. Essential. Easy to use.

Learn more about the Remnova Complete Bite Block and how its unique advantages can help protect patients and optimize your surgeries.

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